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Earliest recordings, unreleased studio OutTakes and alternates, jingles, promos, interviews and rare live cuts. DVD contains the lost Buddy Holly performance on Ed Sullivan (the complete show!) plus rare backstage footage from Portland,
(NTSC, 60 min)

BUDDY HOLLYのレアな音源と映像が満載の素晴らしい新作アイテムの登場です!! BUDDY HOLYの現存するもっとも最初期といわれているレコーディングセッション音源やCRICKETS時代、ソロ期のスタジオオウトテイク(95年にVIGOTONEから発売された4CDBOXにも 含まれていない初出音源!)、インタビュー等収録。さらにはボーナスDVD映像としてこれまではほんの一部しか見る事の出来なかった1958年1月26日のエドサリバンショーが 何とコンプリート収録!(”Oh,Boy!”のパフォーマンスや当時のコマーシャルまで入っています)しかも画面下にTCが入っている事から分かるように (小さいものなのでほどんど気になりません)局用ベーカムから落としたものなので画質、音質はオフィシャル級!同じく極上クオリティで57年にポートランドのTVにCRICKETS として出演した貴重なパフォーマンスも。熱烈なファンであるがあまり版権を全部買い取ってしまったというPAUL McCARTNEYの行動からも窺い知れるようにBEATLESファンにも 是非手にとって頂きたいアイテムです。

1 My Two-Timin' Woman (1949, first appearance in unedited form) 2. Footprints In The Snow (1952, Direct from original Acetate) 3. Take These Shackles From My Heart (1952, Direct from original acetate.) 4. I Heard The Lord Calling For Me, 5. I Saw The Moon Cry For Me Last Night (Jack Neal w/Buddy Holly on Guitar,1952.Previously unreleased remastered tapes.) 6. You And I Are Through (1955, Direct from original acetate) 7. Down The Line (1955, halternate take without drums.) 8. I'm Changing All Those Changes (1956, Unreleased Alt. Take, Fragment) 9. Gone (1956, Raw Track without overdubs) 10. Have You Ever Been Lonely (1956, Unreleased Alternate Take) 11. Gone, 12. Go Boy, Go (1956, Gary Tollet w/Buddy Holly on Guitar, Alternate Takes, previously unreleased) 13. "The Phone Call" (Buddy Holly and Paul Cohen, President of Decca Records, February 1957. Previously Unheard.) 14. A Whole Lot Of Lovin' (1957, Jim Robinson w/Buddy Holly on Guitar, Alternate Take previously unheard.) 15., 16., & 17. Three Spoken-Word Promotional Spots and radio jingle for Bill Randall in Cleveland. Recorded June 30, 1957. 18. Broken Promises, 19. Humble Heart (July 26, 1957, Sherry Davis w/Buddy Holly on Guitar. Extremely rare single featuring Holly.) 20-23. Spoken word promotional spots for Don Passerby (Unique custom set of recordings that were done backstage at Montreal concert on Sept. 14, 1957 for Passerby of 1230 Cornwall Radio. Previously unreleased.) 24. Spoken Word Promotional Spot for Red Robinson. (Likely recorded on October 23, 1957 during interview backstage in Vancouver. Rumored to exist and thus previously unreleased...until now.) 25. One Faded Rose (1957, Charlie Phillips w/Buddy Holly on Guitar and Vocal Harmony. Country tinged Alternate Take previously unreleased.) 26. Sugartime (1957, Charlie Phillips w/Buddy Holly on Guitar. Alternate Take, previously unreleased.) 27. The Wreck Of Old Ninety-Seven, 28. Scarlet Ribbons (1957, Carolyn Hester w/Buddy Holly on Guitar. Though uncredited on the "Scarlet Ribbons" Album.) 29. The Miami Florida Tapes (Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis, February 24, 1958. Bob Chesney recording of Holly & Lee singing "Everyday" and "I Love Her So". The tape also includes a spoken-word promotional spot for WTRL Radio. Previously uncirculated and unreleased.) 30-35. When Sin Stops (Love Begins) (September 10, 1958. Waylon Jennings first recording session. This is the complete session tape in it's entirety, for the first time anywhere. Featuring Buddy Holly as Producer and Guitarist.) 36. More And More, 37. When You Are Lonely (1958, Waylon Jennings w/Buddy Holly on Guitar. Previously unreleased Acetate recordings in rough format.) 38. Ronnie King interview with Buddy Holly (Recently discovered interview, in it's complete form, from Scranton, PA on October 16, 1958. This hasn't been heard since it's original airing on WGH Radio in 1958.) 39-41. J.P "The Big Bopper" Richardson/Ritchie Valens/Buddy Holly: Spoken-Word Promotional Spots for "The Winter Dance Party" (An amazing trio of rarities taken from their original acetate source, resulting in brilliant sound. Previously unreleased in this quality.)

1. That'll Be The Day (Hand-held camera footage/fragment of "The High Time Show" in Portland, Oregon on October 22, 1967) 2. Oh, Boy! (Band performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, January 26, 1957) 3. The Complete Ed Sullivan Show, January 26, 1957, commercials and all